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Strategic Planning

Are you looking for a different retirement income approach?

Whatever your lifestyle, we want you to feel more confident you’ll have the income to support it. We believe that a solid retirement income strategy is the best way to have that assurance – for everyone.
We know that the circumstances of life can change. Our team is specifically trained to work with you over the long term. We know that your retirement strategies must continue to provide the level of income you need throughout your life. So, even if your situation changes, we’re here to help you negotiate that new territory.
The majority of our clients fall into one or more of the categories below. We apply special retirement income considerations for each group and we will investigate these with you during our initial Goal Setting Session.


Which group do you belong to?


1. Healthy, active person planning retirement around the things they love

Whatever your hobby or passion, you want to feel confident that you have the income to support your lifestyle. Retirement income assessment and management can help you feel assured that you will have that income. As part of this group, your strategy should stress stability, income and the possibility of asset growth.

2. Seniors facing medical issues that will impact their retirement decisions

Unless you’ve been there, it’s difficult to imagine the devastation of a life-altering diagnosis. Concern for medical bills can be an ongoing factor. We can help you arrange for steady, lifetime income** and principal protection. What’s more, there are annuity contracts or riders** that provide increased income* – potentially double or triple – for qualifying healthcare conditions.

3. Adult children who hold Power of Attorney (POA) for a parent or those with an adult child who will manage your finances eventually

Whether you’re a child holding a Power of Attorney, or a parent planning to turn over control in the coming years, there are many considerations regarding the goals and assets involved. As your financial professionals, we can streamline that discovery process. We will work with you to address many of your concerns. We want you to enjoy the time you get to spend with your family.

4. Widowed or single seniors who are very independent

This group is diverse, but one thing most seniors have in common is that you do not want to become dependent on your families or friends in case of disability or other economic challenges. You worked hard all your life, have been a provider, and are not comfortable with the idea of relying on others. We understand independence and can help design strategies that provide for guaranteed* and steady lifetime income,** designed to help ease your mind and more confidently position yourself for the future.